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Windows Installer Wont Stop

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You have several options. The first is to obtain a refund and uninstall Optimize:


Open the Optimize program and put a dot by 'restore system settings' and then run the program again to undo the changes Optimize made to your system. If that fails to correct the problem, go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore and restore your computer to the first restore point before Optimize was installed.


To uninstall the program, go to Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>Optimize>uninstall PC Pitstop Optimize.


If that is not acceptable, the next option is to reinstall or uninstall the Update Manager.


Update Manager may have been installed along with another application. In my opinion it benefits the company that installed it more than it benefits the end user and is not something I would want on my own computer. Either part of the program was installed in a temporary folder, or a there is one or more registry entries from the program that were not properly committed to the registry, which could happen if the program installed itself while the end user was in a limited user account, as opposed to an administrator account.


At any rate, Optimize has identified some part of the program as 'invalid' and removed it. Unless you can identify what part that is by reviewing the details of the items Optimize will remove and then exclude it from deletion, it will most likely happen every time you run Optimize. The places to look after the Optimize scan completes would be in the temporary files and the invalid registry entries. Identifying which file it is can be difficult and time consuming. The easiest way would be to run Optimize once or twice to make sure everything is clean, then do a reinstall of Update Manager and then run Optimize again to see what is being removed.


You may want to consider uninstalling the Update Manager from your computer, especially if it was installed without your knowledge or permission. The link below provides both installers and uninstallers which should either be able to fix or remove the program.




If you decide that your prefer to uninstall Optimize and obtain a refund, and you purchased directly from PC Pitstop, you can do that here:


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