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“Ghost” SCSI/RAID driver prevents Windows 2000 Pro “standby”.

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In Windows 2000 Pro, Service Pack 4, an error message states “The Driver for SCSI/RAID Host Controller is preventing computer from entering standby. Close application & retry. If problem persists, update driver.” Microsoft knowledge base suggests uninstalling said driver and installing an updated driver.


My problem is that I have installed ONLY an Ultra2 Wide Adaptec SCSI Host controller which shows up in the Device Manager along with a Ghost “SCSI/RAID” controller. I say “Ghost” because the Device Mgr. states “ NO driver has been installed” for the SCSI RAID controller. Further, when I uninstall this Ghost SCSI/RAID device, it reappears immediately upon rebooting! How can I get rid of this Ghost SCSI/RAID device? :(

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put the disk in for the scsi controller and let it search it for drivers, mine has a driver you have to put in besides just the scsi driver and i still dont know what it is but its gotta have it or i get the same thing on reboot. ALLEN




Unfortunately, the SCSI Controller is an OEM version, therefore I have no disk. However I have the downloaded driver files (aic78xx.sys, aic78xx.inf & aic78xx.cat) on a floppy. When I install from the floppy, only the .sys driver file automatically installs. I manually install the other 2. Still the "Ghost" device installs WITHOUT its own driver!


Regarding the "Ghost" SCSI/RAID device, it installs automatically upon reboot, even after my SCSI card is removed, uninstalled and all its drivers removed! :hammer:


Appreciate you input,


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