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Problem uninstalling Reminder.exe?

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HOW TO REMOVE PCPitstop\Optimize\Reminder.exe



If you are having a problem removing this:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ C:\Program


from your registry, or it keeps showing up in HJT, there is a fix for it, if

you know the exact location of where the program resides on your machine.

(The default is C:\Program Files\PCPitstop\Optimize.) Also IF the PC Pitstop

program was downloaded from June 2006 to present only! DO NOT edit the registry

or remove it through hijack this! It is not necessary and will keep coming



Go to http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp

Tick the 'download the latest product version', Tick the Optimize v1.5.10.0,

Install it to the exact location where it was before.


Please use the uninstaller at Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>Optimize>

uninstall PC Pitstop Optimze to remove it from your computer.

As a check to see if it worked, you may want to bump your calendar ahead

32 days or so and reboot to speed up the reminder process.

If it still shows up after that, please use the forum to get your questions


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