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fast lanes bowling problems with the 7 seires cards?

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can anyone one with a 7 seires cards try this game for me and see if it shows everything right like the white chart boards and a black metter thing that moves when you try too aim in the metter?


because my 7800gtx in my laptop doesint show it right like it suppost too.




heres the demo ony 45mbs




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ya thats what not showing on mine....


but i just found out some games got problems with mobile cards so thats problee what it is.


every other games like fear and so on is play smooth with no problems.



ony games that gives problems is the bowling game and Chaos Legion thats hows black on the ground on stage 2 and micro machine v4 shows moveing stuff and no shiney on stuff on some stages.


but i looked up on micro machines v4 and mosty everybuddy haveing trouble with the 7 cards with that game so codemasters is planing on bringing a patch too fix it.

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