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linux 10.1 on a compaq 700us laptop?


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10.1 would likely run great on that machine, as a workstation for office, photo editing, printing, web browsing............


3D support is an absolute horror show to get working on VIA based graphics, so XGL would not work without putting in hours of work getting the graphics card running in 3D mode.


Games of course wouldn't run for the above mentioned reason.


I have installed and set up 3D support on two machines with VIA based graphics in the past, it is not a task for the faint of heart or inexperienced. There are other forums where more experienced users struggle with doing it, and haven't been able to accomplish it.


I chock that up to not researching and an unwillingness to compile numerous things from source, and a lot of copying of files to overwrite old files, and much improvisation.


I haven't done it for a about 1 1/2 years or more, and am not even in a position to assist.


So if you want a great machine for average tasks with no extra work, then go for it, if want to run XGL and games then use a desktop computer with an Nvidia graphics card.

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You can play "linux games", same as you can play any games.


Without a good 3d card you're going to be stuck though (if you want to play any 3d games).


Edit: There are different distributions in Linux, since anyone is free to make one.


Suse 10.1 (aforementioned) is probably what you're thinking of. The only time you classify linux with a number is when referring to the kernel.

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