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Quick Shutdown and Quick Restart

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Quick Shutdown or Reboot shortcut

You can shut down Windows with a double-click instead of having to navigate the entire Start / Shutdown / Shutdown / OK sequence. Right-click on your desktop and select New / Shortcut. You will see the Create Shortcut wizard. In the field labelled Type location of the item enter the following command:




Shutdown -s -t 0


Click Next. Enter a name for the shortcut, e.g. Quick Shutdown. Click Finish. If you want to replace the generic icon for your new shortcut, right-click on it, select Properties, select the Shortcut tab, click Change Icon, and select the desired icon.


You can also create a shortcut for a quick restart. Follow the instructions above, but enter the following command instead:


Shutdown -r -t 0


Here is an example of a finished desktop....Dial up warning, large photo.


Enjoy! :beer:



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"If you know the source where you first came accross the item, please give credit and post a link! Most of the tips in here are not going to be original, so we need to give credit when we can."


Don't forget. Nice tip too :tup:. I'm gonna have to use it because Windows needs to reboot for everything.

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I think this tip originated inside of X_C's brain. :)


Sometimes wehn I want a quick shutdown I either hit the sleep button on my keybaord and the computer shuts down in about 1 second. Othertimes I will just yank the plug out. < don't try this if you can't fix a messed up Windows install though. :P

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That very tip has been around for several years. I remember reading about it some years back, but I can't remember where.


X_C was the first to post it here though, to his credit.


X_C, don't count my comments as anything other than the bold red text at the top of the forum.

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Can't quote the source, just one of those tips from calss way back when. Not wanting to take credit, just thought I'd share. :beer:

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Instead of looking for ways to knock someone down,try saying thank you and move on.Does it really matter if it,s original or not,this is the 1st time I,ve seen it. Thank You X-C


I don't think reviving a 5 year old thread, that's not been added to for over 3 years is really moving on!! Posted Image


I see most people have also thanked the OP after pointing out it was already posted, at the time.

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