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help installing with xp?

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open yast , hit software management ,At the top left in the filter menu, choose selections , Then move down and put a check in both these boxes: Posted Image restart the puter and when you see this screen hit f2 and type linux 3 and hit enter.




now you will see this screen, type root, then type your password, you wont see it :P




edit: now make sure the nvidia driver is in your home folder


then you type cd /home/what ever goes here/ then hit enter


now type sh NV and hit tab to auto complete


edit: forgot sh, notice above

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i tipe that command it says command not found??


do you meen too put it in the non root home folder?>? because that were i got it.


it wont let me in the root one

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ok, not root folder, your home folder, just click the little house and a folder will open, drag the nvidia file in there.



once done make sure you do the yast thing i showed you, once done, restart and hit f2, type linux 3 then hit enter


now in that black screen type root then hit enter, then it will ask for yoyr password, type that and hit enter.


now type cd /home/gordesky/ then hit enter ------example


now type sh NV then hit tab key to auto complete, after hitting enter it should appear as so


/home/gordesky/ sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762-pkg1, now hit enter, now the driver will start the install, except agreement by using arrow keys, click yest to all

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Open YaST>Software....In the filter menu at the top left, choose search if that isn't already chozen by default. Type gedit and click the search button. Put a check in gedit's box then click accept. Insert any cds when/if asked. You may notice a couple of other items added that gedit depends on.

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