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Java Runtime Environment: Update to 7

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You can find Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 7 to download here http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp


(Bug Fixes for 1.5.0_06)



In the control panel, go to Add/Remove Programs and remove all earlier versions.


Latest Version

Changes to 1.5.0_07



Earlier Versions

Changes to 1.5.0_06

Changes to 1.5.0_05

Changes to 1.5.0_04

Changes to 1.5.0_03

Changes to 1.5.0_02

Changes to 1.5.0_01

Changes to the Original 1.5.0 Release

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Scroll down to this one....

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 7

The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications.

Installation Instructions | ReadMe | ReleaseNotes | Sun License | Third Party Licenses



Jsue, I'm on dial-up.....I'm not sure what your looking at, but I know I didn't download 153 MGs :thud:

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Remember that Sun Java does not update its existing software, it installs a whole new version of java on your computer. I would recommend that whoever has Sun Java's auto update disabled uninstall the old before you install the new, unless you don't care about numerous java installations on your computer at 119mb+ each updated version. -kd5-

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And if you come at it from this link,




and go to the Java Runtime download page you find this,




J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 8

Which is the version that I have installed. Guess one of these days they'll get around to updating the other page. Sort of like one of these days they will create a true update instead of an "update" that installs along side of what is already there, instead of actually updating the already installed version; or at least uninstalling it (seen computers with upto 6 different Java versions installed, talk about a waste of space).


Edit: Fixed the link. Just scroll down till you come to "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 8" and click Download.

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Just tried to send Sun feedback regarding their "updates" updating the existing Java or at the very least uninstalling the old prior to installing the new, clicked the submit button, and was taken to a page prompting me to log in. Not registered? Click here. They wanted so much BS information to register just so I could send them feedback about their product that I said screw it.


If anyone here is actually registered with Sun, I encourage you to email them and ask them when they're planning to craft an update that will actually update the existing Java instead of installing a whole new 120mb copy on a person's computer.


Thank you, -kd5-

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Yes, the reason I asked is that if you have the newer updates and try to verify installation (here - http://java.com/en/ ), your browser will close.


This is what I have now.


Java Runtime Version 1.5.0_06


CONGRATULATIONS, you have the Latest version of Java!



I was trying to log in to a classroom and my browser would close everytime I tried to log in or check the browser.

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And I got this,


Posted Image


Get the same thing in both IE and FF, and neither closed.


I would start with going to the link I posted and downloading the version 8 update (I would go with the offline install over the online one), and see if that fixes it.

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:sparkle:Actually Java update 8 is out now.


Updating Java:

  • Download the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 8.
  • Scroll down to where it says "The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications".
  • Click the "Download" button to the right.
  • Check the box that says: "Accept License Agreement".
  • The page will refresh.
  • Click on the link to download Windows Offline Installation with or without Multi-language and save to your desktop.
  • Close any programs you may have running - especially your web browser.
  • Go to Start > Control Panel double-click on Add/Remove programs and remove all older versions of Java.
  • Check any item with Java Runtime Environment (JRE or J2SE) in the name.
  • Click the Remove or Change/Remove button.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary to remove each Java versions.
  • Reboot your computer once all Java components are removed.
  • Then from your desktop double-click on jre-1_5_0_07-windowsi586-p.exe to install the newest version.
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