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Running chkdsk on external HDD

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Is it OK to run chkdsk on an external HDD without causing any problems or loss of information?


Yes, and if it is a performance issue you are concerned with and chkdsk finds no errors, try defragging the drive.


Open a command prompt window (Click Start > Choose Run > Type 'chkdsk x:' (where x: is the drive letter of the USB / 1394 drive). If chkdsk reports any errors then read the suggestions provided.

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Thanks for the replies.


My external HDD (actually an internal HDD enclosed in an external case) is used for backup. I use a program called SyncBack to backup from my internal HDD to the external HDD. From the external HDD I copy Documents and Settings, Program Files, and Windows to DVD for extra backup, in case something goes wrong.


I'm not sure of the backup tool duanester mentions. I have an HP Pavilion that can with Windows Home preinstalled. Needless to say the orginal Windows CD was not included with the PC (I have a lousey recovery partition), so I am unable to install the backup tool that comes with the CD. I know with Windows Pro this backup tool is installed right from the start.


Is this the tool duanester mentions?


I also use Acronis TI 8 for cloning the internal HDD.


Again, thanks for the replies.

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