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CPU Too high


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Good Afternoon :adios:


I have run a pit stop test Results:




I have gone through the problems that the test highlights.


I am defraging now, and I have looked at the start up programs. The main problem I can see is the CPU at 100%!!!!


So I have looked at the running processes and I have 31!! I know this is probably a ridiculous amount. But I am not sure which are really necessary. I have looked at the list that the test gave me and it seems that most come under the green section so I have kept those.


The thing that is causing the CPU to be 100% is "System SYSTEM" , I'm not sure what to do about this, because if I choose to end the process it might mess things up even more.

Does anyone have any advice, I really am not too good at this sort of thing, and would appreciate it if you could lend a hand.


Thank you

Debbie :help:

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Since no one is answering this ill give it a shot. I dont know of any process that is called "system SYSTEM" Im thinkin it may be spyware. So run a spyware and anti virus first to make sure that your clean. I wonder why that process dont show up on the test.


Also dont be too afraid to shut down processes. The worst that can happen is windows get mad because you shut down a vital process and it will begin a timer to force you to shut down. But of course dont just go shuttin down processes for fun :mrgreen:


Maybe some one else will help you further.

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It is should only be SYSTEM and System Idle Process. Otherwise, a spyware maybe lurking inside your computer. Post a HJT log in this website (other instructions are also there: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showforum=25 And wait for a TRUSTED HIJACKTHIS ADVISOR to help you.


Or use this anti spyware programs:



SpyBot S&D

Bazooka Scanner

Windows Defender

Spyware Doctor


(use only one at a time)

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