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When he sends it to me , I'll make all versions available for Download from the FW's Page...

Send me version 1 when you get a chance in MP3 format and I'll post it up...

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cool by me


didn't know you could sing/record well along w/ o/c, LOL


did ya get ur lil bro in there wit ya?


na, he's not in there, I guess I could put him in on some adlibs.....



I am having a problem sending the file Ray.....

My email client won't let me sent files larger than 3MB, is there a better way?

Edited by Agent Smith
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Best theme song ever! nothing could possibly replace it for a computer video. is agent gonna make the 2007 forum warz theme song as well? :P


ery body wants to overclock! push there hard ware over stock!


note2: :rocks:

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