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:( Help with overclocking

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Ive been trying everywhere to overclock my pc. I dl clockgen, and in the site it has my pll control thing but not in the auctall program. I just ahve no idea where to start my overclocking.

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You'd want to start in your mobo's BIOS, but before that, take a good look at your motherboard manual and download yourself some Prime95 (just google it) and a temperature-sensing program (google speedfan if you don't have one)


What to look for in your motherboard manual:

1. Find out where your clear CMOS jumper is and get acquainted with it. RAM is finicky, and OCing RAM generally means liberal use of this jumper. (when you OC your RAM to much, your computer will fail its POST. You won't be able to get into BIOS, so your only option is to clear CMOS using this jumper)


2. Find out where in BIOS you can adjust FSB/Multiplier/Voltage and your RAM settings.



What you want to do is take it in nice, easy steps of no more than 100Mhz on the CPU at a time. Your CPU speed is multiplied by some arbitrary number to get the CPU speed, this is the multiplier. Figure out what your multiplier is so you can more accurately set the CPU clock, and then raise the FSB a bit in BIOS to overclock your CPU.


Three things can happen once you've raised the FSB:

1. Your computer will fail its POST (computer will not boot and will most likely beep at you), this means that your RAM cannot take the increased FSB. Clear CMOS using that jumper that you got yourself acquainted with and see if you can lower the RAM/FSB ratio so as to keep your RAM at a speed that works.


2. The computer boots, but restarts while loading Windows. This means that the CPU is unstable and isn't getting enough power for the increased speed. Go back into BIOS and raise the Vcore a bit. Take note, though, that this will make the CPU run hotter.


3. The computer boots and works fine. When this happens, you need to do a stress test. Turn on your temperature program, make it start a graph for your CPU temperature, and then run Prime95 for a couple hours. There can be 3 results of this:


A. The computer restarts during the stress test. Your CPU isn't getting enough power, and you need to raise the Vcore. Your RAM might also be to blame if that's clocked over stock. Try the two solutions separately to see which one works.


B. The computer is stable, but the CPU is running very hot (60C+). You've gone too far and need to back off a bit and lower the Vcore.


C. The computer is both stable and properly cooled. This means that things are going fine, and you can progress to your next step.


If ever you run out of Vcore to give the CPU or if your CPU gets too hot, then you need to back down to a point where it's both stable and cool and call that your safe maximum.

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You should post the system specs of your computer. Afterwards you should make sure that your computer is able to over clock. If the motherboard is not able to overclock your going to have to look into alternatives that deal directly with overclocking. Be very careful when you overclock. I suggest you do a pit test and post your system specs with the tech link. Afterwards people here can try and help you overclock your system.

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