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all games freeze after a few minutes of play


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this problem originated about a week ago, i tried to play Battlefield 2 online but the game got stuck and i had to restart my computer, then i tried playing NFS most wanted, the same problem occured, now i should mention that i have run and played these games with no problem in the past.

I have reinstalled my windows twice now, i am running on windows xp pro.

here are my system specs:



further more, i have installed all the newest nvidia drivers and tried lowering the settings in the games, but it made no diffrance.

i have also tried running the games on both SP1 and SP2 but once again there was no diffrance



please help me

thank you

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Could be overheating, it happens to me sometimes in the summer on hot days.


I dont think that thats the case, because the temperature of my cpu is about 50c and my MB is 45c

although i dont know how to cheak the temperature on my gpu because i have no sensor on it.


so does anyone know what else that might be? and what can i do to fix it?

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that temp sensor is in the older release 8x also. if he doesn't have a prob, it's pointless


likely, very likely, is gpu overheating. to test this, take your side off the case and point a small house fan at your gpu from about 1-2 feet.

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