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87 firebird quater panel push in from the back


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they giveing us 2500$ too fix it so that pretty good:)


we took it too the guy that fix the bronco and he said he will do it for 700$:)


hes gona start it next week.


we even ask him we want it perfect he said dont worry because hes been doing this for 30years.


the bronco was even in bader shape and he did that and it looks like new.


he said we just need too get the inner bumper not the outside he said he could fix that and we need the till lights and door hinges.


so we problee gona get them at the junk yard.


so that gives us 1800$ extra too fix it up more:)


we aready got new fender 24k gold flares for it.


and we gona get a bigger wing for the back thats sticks up higher than the stock one.


so after everything done it should looked better even befor it was hit:)


and i post pics of it when its done:)

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Do youself a favor and if you're going to modify the car, do it tastefully. Big obnoxious spoilers on the back is not the answer. :) Not to mention -- I would assume you'd still like to be able to see out of your rear window as well.

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they giveing us 2500$ too fix it so that pretty good:)






So damn Insurance Company cut my estimate by 700.00 again. :lol:




They always do that to me.

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Posted Image

Too Small?! So you want something even bigger and more obnoxious to obstruct your view? That's all it's going to do... Contrary to 'popular belief' it's not going to make you go faster or turn better, rather possibly just the oppposite with the added weight.


How unfortunate for your car. To each their own, I suppose.


You going to get some chrome (or gold) tail lights, gold tint, and a 4 inch tailpipe from eBay too? ;)



I dunno.

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ya i hate Insurance Companys:(


heres the spoiler i was thinking about geting and painting it gold.




the one on the car to me is too small lol


its your car, so do what you want with it; personally I would stick with a much smaller spoiler and paint it black.
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i know its not gona add performence or anything like that lol


we just think it will look cool painted gold too match the other gold on the car.


it whould match the back window luvers:)


and thats problee the ony extra thing it needs because it looks pretty cool the way it is.


the ony extra other thing we orderd is the new gold fenders fares too replace the ones that are on it but these are 24k gold.


the ones are on it now was 24k gold but we had too repaint them because one got mess up about 5years ago.


i wonder if i could photoshop the spoiler on the back of the car too see how it whould look?


i got photoshop but dont know how too use it lol

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week ago we took it too that guy and he said he could do it for 700$ body work too:)


he said it needs teh back tail lights and the inside rear bumper he said he could fix the outside bumper cover.


so we orderd the back tail lights off ebay for 35$ both of them:)


and the inside bumper for 80$ thats with shiping.


and we got the middle center that goes between the lights because its cracked.


and today we drop off the car so he could start on it:)


oh and we ask him how much will he do teh body work and sand it down he said 175$ so that pretty cheep.


than he ask do we want him too paint it we told him we not sure yet.


but so far everything going good with the car:)


oh allmost forgot me and my dad put a new hood on it because 7 years ago the car got hit by the tornado and something scape the hood and the hood never look the same.


so we got a hood like knight rider:)


heres some pics of it.













and heres what it use too look like this is befor it got mess up in the back.





we gona still put everything on the hood like it shows in that pic right there.


but the car will look alot better when its done because new paint job new gold trim and flares.


when its all done i post the pics of it:)


but with everything we put in it after the wreck its gona be about 1500$ alltogetther or maybee alittle bit more but shouldint be no were too 2500$


and we could use the left over money too fix up the other cars and trucks that are siting in that lot.


the 1979 big black and gold bronco doesint start up could be the distubler.


and theres realy nothing wrong with that little custom s15 4x4 sonoma.


and that big 1985 van 4x4 ony needs brakes.



all the others runs thats the 1994 geo tracker allways on the go everynight good truck:)


and the big 1997 dodge ram 2500 1 more month and its payed off:)


and the bronco 2 is in our garage.


and we still got 2 other vehs 1985 ford pickup needs restored and a 1984 half of van lol makeing it a pickup:).



oh well i should just post some pics of the others sence they are on my camera i hope thats aright?



http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/7087/imag0042bh7.jpg the big bronco.



big van http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/7087/imag0042bh7.jpg



big bad ram:)



the truck that goes forever lol http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/2269/imag0047xl9.jpg


and this is mainly my own truck http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/5761/imag0051qk0.jpg

came with a 302 boss mustang engine:) it drivers but needs work.


you cant realy see the bronco 2 much but when we take it out of the garage i post a pic.


oh you cant realy see the s15 either too much its in back of the big bronco.


its got a pretty neat paint job on the side.


oh just found a pic of the bronco 2 thats was about a year ago but thats after that guy fix it and its a recent one. http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/9902/bronco8or.jpg

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Sorry to hear of your misfortune! Hope it all comes out in the wash! I must sy I had a 1979 Z- 28 Camero

With a 350 LT1 engine, What a sweet auto! Unfortunataly they don't make parts (GM) for this power house anymore! But god I loved that car! 0- 100 mph in 6.8 seconds! T tops, Turbo Hdro 400, built in cb radio HAHAA! I would give my left nut for one that was that excellent and good condition as mine was.

Maybe one day someone will have one for sale in excellent condition!!

Good luck

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just got the firebird back:)


heres some pics of it.
















all for 875$


the back hatch is up because we didint close it for the pics lol.


it still needs work like new muffler tailpipes and new shocks needed them for years.


and than get inspected than all ready for paint and puting all teh gold stuff we got for it back on:)

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