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87 firebird quater panel push in from the back


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i might have too ask the guy that fixed us 84 bronco 2 that was hit from the back and smash in the back and the quater panel.


he cut the quater panel out on the bronco than welded a junk yard one on it now you cant even know it was wreak.


i just wanted too ask is there any other easyer way too bend it out or something.

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L Qtr Panel 14.8 422.00 2.6


Rear Body Panel 9.5 185.00 1.0


Rear Bumper 3.2 201.00 2.1


Absorber 133.00


L Tail Lamp 218.00




Parts 1159.00


Body Labor [email protected] hr 1100.00


Frame Labor [email protected] hr 500.00


Paint Labor [email protected] hr 228.00


Paint & Material 300.00








Bummer Man Insurance company definately gonna go for totaling it so be prepared, cause looking at it and no disrespect to you red car painted black and doesn't look that clean.




Good Luck.

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You gotta pull it out like it went in before you cut anything off, I imagine your door gap on left side is closed up and you go to cutting before you pull you'll never get that gap correct. And pulling ain't easy you gotta have at least a collision post with a minimum of a 5 ton ram you really need it on a frame machine.

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the guy that painted the car 3years ago didint paint it too good and the car was red 8years ago.


the red paint wasint showing befor it was hit paint was all shiney:(


but im pretty sure its fix able because they totaled the bronco 2 and it was in the junk yard we went too go and get it than took it to a guy we know and he fix everything for 500$

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sorry to hear about your misfortune.... I agree that its either totaled or you will need to cut out the quarter and weld in another.... being right on the gas tank door, you will never get it out properly....

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ya problee will have too get another quarter panel and let that guy that did the bronco do it.


hes pretty good he said he can fix a frame that is crack or bent very bad.


the broncos was bent alittle and he strighting it up and right now it looks like new.


so the firebird shouldint be too bad because the frame looks good.


the car still drives the same and the doors shut like normal except the drivers door but that door was bad in the first place but still shuts. just got too pick up on the door because the hinges got bader.


i just wish it whould be a way just too pound it out my self the cheeper way:(

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The frame time is to pull the damage out so new pieces can be put on see how low the edge of Qtr is in relation to deck lid and tail light pushed down that has to be pulled up so the inner structure will be straight so new parts can be welded in. Not that the frame rails are bent, but I would suspect that the left one is down a bit.

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ya i see what you meen.


i think that guy did that with the bronco because that was all push in too and looked more bader than the firebird so it shouldint be too much of a problem for the guy too do this.

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Not even close to a total loss, I have seen competent body men straighten much worse then that, it can be pulled and repaired fairly easily. I have seen cars that look like they went trough 5 hours of demolition derbies, go a frame machine and come off it, within factory specifications, then the body work is done, and the "average" person can't tell the difference.


The cost to pull it, and repair it would be slightly cheaper then replacing the panels, but not necessarily enough to justify pulling rather then replacing.


Junk yards are full of Chevy's and Pontiac's, and finding the parts you need in a junk yard should be fairly easy.


Getting a clip would probably be the cheapest, and cleanest solution.


I wouldn't be concerned with the cost, the bronco will be paying for it.


If you really want to spend the money on the old car then get it done, get it done right, by the best body man in the area. The cheapest, usually does substandard work.


If someone told me they could fix everything for $500, I would run like hell and hide my car from them. ;) The price Lou posted seems pretty close to being right, give or take a little.


Nothing worse then lousy body work on a black car.


Well Ok, there is one thing worse then lousy body work on a black car, that is lousy paint work on a black car.


The color black, will show every flaw, every wrinkle, every spec, and every bad line.


If you are going go with the cheapest body man you can find, paint it white. :lol:


While you are there have them remove the rednecks circa 1970 CB antenna that fell of the truck, and landed on your Firebird's trunk lid. :yucky:

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ew -- they got ya pretty bad. If that dent was a little ways back I would think it would be a bit easier to pull. It does look creased pretty good, though.


Any damage to the gas filler area (inside)?


As for the total loss comments... as Bruce mentioned it can definately be repaired, but it's not going to be too cheap to get it done good. Black sucks for repairs.

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the gas filler opens and looks pretty good inside.


and i diff want too get it fix:)


we gona see what the guy says that did the bronco.


hes pretty good because the bronco was all cave in on the quater panel and smash in on the the back were the brake light is and the frame was even bent and a month later you cant even know it was wreck:)


and my mom and dad did the paint and body work so it looks pretty good:)


if i get time i try too find the wreck pics of the bronco and the after pics:)


and when i get a update about the firebird i let you know.

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is there a diogram for the firebird like taking the bumper off and stuff?


oh and even if it needs too be on a machine too get it back the way it is we gona let them do it:)


than the rest we problee could do. or that guy

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Open trunk remove trim panels rear and left and right interior qtr trim philips and needle nose pliers to get plastic clips to come out.




Remove taillights plastic nuts inside trunk.




Posted Image




On the inside there will be nuts in the outlined area that pulls bumper up to Qtr. thats the reason for taking inside trim loose.




Then there should be plastic clips that hold rubber bumper cover to bumper reinforcement they will either have a center piece that pulls up - screws out or they will be one piece that you will pry out with needle nose. One row on top under taillights one row underneath the bumper.




Hope this helps.




But I wouldn't start tearing it apart without insurance seeing it first.

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thanks:) ya im gona wait too the insurance sees it first.


yesterday my dad called them and they said matter what they gona get that car fix and if they total it they said they still gona do it lol so that pretty good news:)


think the guy is comeing tomarlo or next week too look at it.

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well good news:) we drove the car too the insurance guy and he looked over it and said they will fix it and we get the money this week:)


he even said its worth geting fix and its the first firebird in good shape and looking he seen:)


and he said the miles is way low for it too think its 89,000 something miles.


and when he was takeing pics of it couple peeps was looking at it and a guy came over and said its shame what happen because its a good looking car.


but atleast its gona get fix now:)

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