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I need help to remove infostealer.yohokie

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I really need help. For the past 2 weeks my computer is infected by a trojan call Infostealer in the Registry (hkey_Current_User\software\microsoft\internet explore\main)and only my freedom security anti-spyware caught and delete this trojan. My AdWare, spybot , Mcafee antispyware and even yahoo antispy software did not detect it.


My freedom security antispyware delete it but it always came back everytime when I do the following : when I go to internet explorer, selcect tools internet options then content then autocomplete setting and when I uncheck the box for user names & passwords on forms and box under for promt me to save passwords, my freedom antispyware will detect this trojan and once again only if i unselect both forms and user passwords and if I select both boxes with check, my freedom antispyware does not pick up this trojan.


I do not know if I describe my problem clearly, what I try to say is if I unselect the autocomplete option, my freedom antispyware will detect and delete this trojan and immediately when I go back to the autocomplete setting will find the two boxes are select with checks again... so if autocomplete is selected (checked) no trojan, but if autocomplete not select infostealer trojan will be detected.


I did follow the removal instruction from http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...er.yohokie.html, except my freedom antispyware can not be run in safe mode. Even after the removal of this trojan, as soon as I enter a website that need me to enter my username and password, when the computer ask me to store my password in the autocomplete, when I click the box "no" and also click on the box "do not show me this option again" , then when I run the antispyware, this infostealer trojan will be detect again when the antispyware reach the registry and my antispyware will delete it...then as soon as it is delete, I will find once again in the autocomplete setting, the 2 boxes for password and form will be selected (check).


I have also find that this is the infostealer.Yohokie trojan, because I recall I did open a link that only show the Yahoo Mail logo but nothing else. This trojan is so annoying because it keep coming back, but what I do not understand is why no other antispyware (Adware, yahoo antispyware, Mcafee antispyware) detect this trojan, only the freedom antispyware detect and delete it. Could this be a false positive by the freedom antispyware; I have contact the company, but the customer service representative are not aware it.


Does anyone know how to permanently delete this trojan infostealer.Yohokie? I do not know much about computer, will appreciate very much if someone can show me step by step on how to get rip of this trojan. Thanks for all in advance who can help me.

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After following the instructions you did, you need to also edit the registry and then reboot immediately after doing so.


1. Click Start, and then click Run. (The Run dialog box appears.)

2. Type regedit


Then click OK. (The Registry Editor opens.)

3. Navigate to the key:



4. In the right pane, delete the value that refers to the file that was detected as the Trojan.

5. Exit the Registry Editor.


Ensure you save a backup first:


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Karl, thanks for your advice.


I finally was able to get rip of this trojan for good. I used the spybot before but did not update the detection, that was why it did not detect and delete the inforstealer trojan. Yesterday after I update the spybot software and run the search and destroy again, it eliminate this trojan permanently.

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