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250 GB Hard Drive only showing as 127 GB ?

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Hello guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can fix a problem that I am having with my new hard drive. I bought a Maxtor 250GB hard drive (pata) but it is only showing up on my system as 127 GB :blink:

When I go to properties in "my computer", my pie chart shows the drive being 137,427,943,424 bytes and then shows it as 127 GB in size :mrsgreen: Is there some way I can "unlock" the full 250GB that the drive is supposed to be?

Thank you for any help you can give me ;)


My system has :


AMD Athlon OEM 266-FSB 1200Mhz A/PGA processor

512MB of 32x64 Dimm PC-133 SDRAM

Asus A7A266 mother board (Ali M1647 Chipset)

Anything else you may need to know....?


Thanks again

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What version of Windows? If XP you need at least SP1 (or is it SP1a) installed for Windows to be able to see the rest of the drive.


It is also possible that that is the max size drive that your motherboard can support. From having a look at Asus's download page for your motherboard that is a possiblity depending on which bios version is currently on your board. There was a bios update (Version 1011 - released 2002/03/06) that added LBA 48 bit addressing support (required for drives over 130 gb).

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Creating a second partition is probably the easiest way - but you should install SP2 unless there is a particular reason to think that it will not work with your system. If you do that, and want to have the drive as a single volume without affecting existing data you can use an app like partitionmagic to extend the partition to fill the entire disk.

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Have you tried installing and running the MaxBlast software that should have come with your new drive?


If you haven't you may download the latest version here:




When you run it the first time it should recognize that your system is not configured right and correct it for you. If this does not work then we can worry about partitions or bios updates.

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