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PCPitStopErase in msconfig Startup list

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I currently have a PCPitStopErase.exe entry in my msconfig Startup programs list. I'm pretty sure I got it by "trying out" one of the scans (privacy scan, perhaps?) from the PCPitStop web site or from the newsletter. (I did not purchase it.)


I could easily uncheck the entry in the Startup tab, but truthfully, since I am not using this program (and did not even realize that I still "had" it somewhere) I'd prefer to uninstall "cleanly" if possible.


Is this just a leftover remnant of the program that will live forever in my Startup tab? Or does anyone have hints on how how uninstall properly?


The Command entry itself is:

C:\Program Files\PCPitStop\Erase\PCPitStopErase.exe /remindme


But I have nothing at that location on my C:\ drive, nor anything in my All Programs or Add/Remove Programs that indicates I actually have this program.


Apologize if this is covered elsewhere. I did a cursory search of the forums. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. B)

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You could try reinstalling/uninstalling to see if that cleans it out. When you uninstalled the free version do you recall using the uninstaller at Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>Erase>uninstall PC Pitstop Erase?


The easiest way, in my opinion, is to go to Start>Run> type 'regedit' without the quotes and then hit the enter key. Once the registry editor opens, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run and delete the entry for PC Pitstop Erase in the right hand panel. However, I do not recommend this unless you are comfortable and familiar with registry edits.

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Thanks for the repl, IntelGuy. Glad to be here.


I did not uninstall anything. There is no entry in my "All Programs" list, nor in the Program Files directory on my hard drive, nor in the Add/Remove Programs list.


I ran the scan once to try it out (presumably downlolading an executable), then a couple weeks later I noticed the msconfig entry.


I'm not big on registry edits, so I'll probably just let it be (and disable manually from msconfig interface).


I'm just a little surprised that from a site I trust so much that I would install and run a trial of something, and yet have no (obvious) way to uninstall cleanly. I have found everything here in the past (on PCPitStop) to be pretty idiot-proof. And I like to think I'm a step up from idiot. ;)

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Running the scan once to try it out is the same as installing an unactivated version. It will stay on your computer until it is either uninstalled, or its files are deleted. The problem with deleting files is trying to find them all.


Thanks for relating your experience. The program has been amended to address the point you made.

Version, which is now in beta, will no longer exhibit that behavior.

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