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Official World Cup 2006 Thread

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This is the thread for the biggest sporting event on the planet ,in Germany this June. I think England will win, a win today against Jamacia will set the ball rolling. I also think that Crouch is crap though, I'm praying for Rooney to be fit...

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I also think that Crouch is crap though

He scored three times ! :rofl2: England 6, Jamaica 0.


Reckon the Socceroos are gonna walk it meself. Who's sponsoring their pie and sauce , anybody know ?

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I dont hink Germany have the players to win it even on home soil, its a young side. I Think we (England) have a very good chance. I dont think much of France either r the US (even tho US is ranked 5th in the world, no disrespect but thats a joke).

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The reason these so called 'weak teams' are ranked so high is because of the way FIFA is rewarding these teams, even if you play and lose against a bigger and better team you'd still get points for it, it's complicated and makes no sense at all, IMHO it can't be trusted!


Now about the German team, it would be a miracle for them to qualify for the Q F's, even playing at home their squad this year is one of the worst in history. I have to admit there's some talented players in it, like Ballack, but the whole squad is young and not experienced enough.


England, they probably have the best selection of players in their history ( at least on paper), individually they have the best talented squad falling just behind Brazil.

This time I'm not so surprise about them being overrated and over hyped by their own media, although it happens every time , at least now they have a real chance to achieve good results in this WC and probably even win the darn thing.


Italy and Argentina and France also have great players.

My favorites this year has to be Holland, they got a good team and more then any other country they surely deserve a WC title because of the great football history this country have.

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I'll just wait til it's all over, and then wear the tshirt of the winning team. That will get on my brother in laws nerves. He is from England. :boxing:

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if we manage a piont, then i'll be more than happy. :lol:


The US NT is improving with every competition, I wouldn't be surprised if they get the second place on their group, who knows they might as well beat Italy and get the first place, football it's a very unpredictable sport, it rakes one mistake from the opponent team to lose the match. US have some fast players and if they manage to get Donovan a clean pass, he's got a good chance to score.


Remember, the US usually tends to give these almighty nations (Brazil, Germany etc...) a run for their money.

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I am not into soccer but I might just watch USA play..

One of the players from Houston Dynamo which is an MLS team is playing on the USA team.

His name is Brian Ching - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Ching


Soccer? It's called Foot-Ball, it is called so as you maneuver the ball using your foot.


What you probably refer to as foot-ball is properly known as "American Foot-Ball" where you are allowed to use your hands, contradictory to the name of the game itself.



Anyway I hate sport :yucky:

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Group Winners:

a: Germany

b: England

c: Argentina

d: Mexico

e: Italy (but I hope USA)

f: Brazil

g: France

h: Spain


No upsets


Nice List OS, but you're being very optimist adding Germany, Mexico and Spain as group winners, these teams are lucky to get past the first stage, with Spain being the best of the three (today) , there are some pretty good opponents ahead of them.

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It's hard to think of any Team Sports that America plays Internationally. Which is a great shame really as they could well dominate the rest of the world if they did participate more.

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Any ideas as to why soccer is so...forgotten here in the US? And why is almost the rest of the whole world obsessed with it?

American football is actually soccer. It's just that you gave the English game the same treatment that you gave the language. :lol:

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