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Wrong Speed Display on Internet

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I just purchased the optimize and ran the program. It finished and said my download speed was now 7400. Immediately I knew that this was impossible when my comcast fastest speed is 6meg. Of that 6meg after the overhead and taking into consideration the time of day, number of people on in my neighborhood, etc., then I may be able to get 4.5meg. I have never gotten any where near the 6meg before.

It is usually around 3.5 meg after the overhead.

I run tests from several sites on an average of 2-3 times a week and they are always very close to the 3.5meg. After running the software I am now down to 1.9meg and sometimes it goes to 2.1meg.


What is this bogus 7400 number?? I was taken in by all the hype this site gave about increasing my internet speed and now I find out that it is indeed just that. HYPE!


Why is my speed now almost half of what it was before running your software and why does the program tell me that my speed is more than Comcast is able to give me?


Am I the only one that has seen this?



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