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powersupply not powerfull anuff for x800pro?

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i just installed my x800pro that i got for ony 83$:) but when it got too the welcome screen one of my hdd click off and kept turning back on.


so i turn the computer off and pulled one of the hdds and cdrom and try booting up but didint because windwos wanted teh 2nd hdd lol. so i put everything back in and was wondering why was one of my cold catalog lights flickering alittle and than turn it off and it booted right in windows.


than i tried too turn it back on and the hdd went out again is this the powersupply?


never had any problems with the 9800 in it for over 1yr or does the x800pro take alot of juice?

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hmm think the problem was a bad wire from a catalog causeing a short.


because everything seems find now.


gona test stuff for another day and see if any problems come up if it does new psu is comeing lol


but i did test 3dmark 03 and it scored 10,200 stock no oc on the card is that scoreing right?

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