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licence key disk

Guest Guest_peggy_*

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You actually purchased from Computer Associates (most likely) who would be better equipped to answer your question as it is their product:




(or call 877-694-8509)


I'd like to take a shot at it anyway, though. Is there a file on the disk named license.txt or any .txt file on there? If so copy & paste or drag & drop the file from the CD to your desktop. Once you have it on the desktop, if you double-click on it, it should open in notepad an you should be able to copy and paste, print, or just write down your license key from there. It actually should do the same thing if you double-click the file on the CD, but sometimes it appears that nothing is happening due to prolonged lag.

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Guest donna aquitante

I bought a licence key on a disk - sent vfrom digital river. I can't access it. What do I do?


TIA . . Peggy


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