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I suddenly have been told by the pitstop that my laptop has unusually low video performance. What does that mean? I tried to fix it using their advice, but it didn't help. This is new. Never showed this result before about a week ago. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000.

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I was curious as to how much impact the appearance settings have on the video test scores, so I ran two tests with everything the same except ththe first used "Adjust for Best Appearance" and the second used "Adjust for Best Performance".


For some reason, "Insert link" refuses to let me paste the URL for the test results into the "Enter the complete URL..." window or to paste it into the IE address line, although this has never been a problem before and the data can be pasted in other applications. Resetting Security to medium did not make a difference.


The address is:





The video scores were 455 for "Best Appearance" and 649 for "Best Performance".


Asus P5WDG2-WS MB, 1.0 ghz FSB, default voltage

Pentium D 940 at 4.0 ghz, default voltage

Patriot DDR2-1000 RAM at 1.0 ghz

eVGA Geforce 7900 GT Signature Edition

Dell 2001P LCD monitor

Adaptec ASC44300 SAS HBA, JBOD

Hitachi Ultrastar 15k 36-gig SAS HD

Seagate Cheetah 15k 36 gig SAS HD


Sony DRU-710A 16x DVDRW

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