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Alright say you got many programs you love to open, play with and use all the time but you are way to lazy to go ahead and open them up from the start menu. Well, there is an alternative to this!


Right click on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen and select Toolbars then Quick Launch. Once you select that, right click again and hit Lock the Taskbar so there isnt a checkmark beside it (unlocked). After you do this right click it again and select Open Folder.. once u do this u can see all the files and programs that will show in your Quick Launch toolbar.


After that, click and drag where it says Quick Launch onto your desktop. Once you do that you'll see a little seperate window for all the files that are in your Quick Launch folder.


Click the top of the Quick Launch window and drag it to the side of your screen, it will snap into place just like the taskbar does. You can now click and drag to make the size of it smaller, you can also right click and make it appear ontop of everything else and autohide as well. To add programs and files to it just click and drag the icons of the programs into the Quick Launch bar. What I like to do is just turn off the text of the programs (right click the Quick Launch bar and uncheck everything except "always on top" and "autohide") I find this really helpful especially if your lazy and want to get to your programs with just one click.


After all that is said and done, just rightclick on your taskbar and select "lock the taskbar".


I think this is a great addition to anyones computer

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