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Heavy marijuana use not linked to lung cancer

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someone lost there job this morning, the person comes to work, clocks in, a project manager approaches the person to ask why are you late, the manager smells hemp, then sends the person to human resources, the hospital on wheels arrives, the person refuses test, person was terminated on the spot :tup:

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You gotta take a grain of salt.


I used to fire up meth intravenously thirty-five years ago as an adolescent. I :filtered:ed up madly. It's an ugly business Nevertheless, I recovered somewhat. Being a citizen requires you to conjure some form of imagination and that's what saved me -- I do and have always believed in the paramount value of the combination of collective and individual rights.



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...One specific contention I hold to is that there is no valid medical use for the route of administration of smoked marijuana.


All of those organizations recognize the current and potential medicinal value of this drug(s), and also the real and potential hazards of the smoked form as well as the reality of dependency and other deleterious effects. They call for reclassifying and research. The current classification is not valid.






this agree with. it should be reclassified for the sake of research as a medicine. smoke in the lungs is not good....smoking pot [anything] is not good.

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