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I learned this browsing around the web, I'm sorry don't remember what website it is.

I am now sharing it wih you:


First of all Prefetch is a trick that Windows uses to try to read your mind, and when it works, it greatly enhances performance.


First always remember to create a System Restore Point for your system. And here is it how to do it:


Start, Run, type regedit.

Go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters. There is a Dword called EnablePrefetcher, Open it and tweak it to either one of these setting:


1 - Prefetch on boot (basically speeds up your boot times)

2 - Prefetch application launches (basically launces apps faster)

3 - Prefetch (It boosts boot times, as well as launches apps faster). - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!


Once done, close regedit, and reboot computer.



Thats it for now, hopefully this will really boost things on ur PC. :)

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