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I just got a new router and about every 5 mins or so itll disconnect and then reconnect over and over. I have never used a router before so i have no idea why it is doing this.


Im having trouble googling it and im on live assistance now and half way thru it, It disconnected me so now im waiting in line again.


Any one have any clue why it is doing this?


Windows xp pro

barton 3200

2 gigs ram

8 meg connection

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Which specific router are you using, and which ISP do you use?

Did the same connection work on your previous adapter? (Or what was your previous connection/adapter)

Are you on ADSL, Cable, or some other technology?

Are you connected to the router via Ethernet or Wireless?

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If you have not correctly initiated the router (letting the modem reset and feed data, then letting the router recieve and get its settings) you will need to redo this- use the reset button on the router after disconnecting the power to the modem. then disconnect the power to the router.


reconnect the power to the modem and wait until the data feed has corrected itself, then connect too the router. Let the router fully acquire the information before connecting the computer and doing any fiddling with settings and setup.

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Its resolved. I was spose to "clone" the mac address...but somehow or another when i hit clone it didnt clone the address at all but put some random numbers in there.


Took me and tech support about 40 mins to find out WTH was wrong

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