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Pearl Jam

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i've got it .....also a big pj fan, and i think its great! :tup:


its been a great couple of weeks for new music. neil youngs new disc has been getting some good reviews also...you can listen to it free from a number of sites like this one. seems neil has a message he wants to get out....gotta love this guy! :)





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I haven't listened to Mars yet, but the Jupiter cd is really good... none of that melodic junk that filled up most of By the Way. Halfway through Pearl Jam, hasn't really lived up to the hype surrounding it. Sounds like there's too much going on, Eddie's vocals are drowned out, it's a far cry off Ten (the only other album of theirs I own).


I haven't heard any Tool.


with regards

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O ya, that Tool kicks :filtered:, my favs are Vicarious and Jambi...although the whole CD is great.


Can't help you with the PJ, Chili problem...I don't like the Chili's much, and haven't listened to much of the new PJ (even though I own it); if you even remotely like Tool though I'd recommend 10,000 days....it is a very deep album.

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