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boost performance with apps/increase FPS in games

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by default many games and most apps wont fully use all of the cpu's power and keep some for reserve, here is an easy way to use high priority for applications and games without doing so manually or having to use a program like prioritymaster to do it.



1>this wont always work for some games, its system/graphics engine dependant. for example thief 3 on my system using this will increase fps by 20, yet only +3 in farcry, some games wont recieve any benefit.

2>some systems may experience mouse/keyboard lag with certain games, if you experience such then obviously dont use it for that particular game.

3>if you heavily overclock your system, the extra cpu usage could result in instability.


your going to create a batch file and use it to replace your previous app/game icon (default batchfile icons are rather ugly and can be changed to whatever you wish using a program like tweakutilities) after your done creating the batchfile, clicking it will open its target and will use the highest amount of cpu resources available for it. this can work well for defragmenting,scanning..etc.


open Notepad and type


@echo off

cd /d "enter folder path here"

start /high enter final exe here


in notepads file menu, select save as (all files)

save as **.bat


<*>example for a game:


@echo off

cd /d "D:\Farcry\Bin32\"

start /high FarCry.exe


save all files as FarCry.bat

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i should have also mentioned the registry hack to enable more cpu usage for foreground applications

default windows xp home is this for foreground:




to enable 6x's more cpu time to foreground change value to 16


here is a chart:

Win32PrioritySeparation Foreground Background

0x28, 0x29, 0x2A 18 18

0x18, 0x19, 0x1A 36 36

0x24 6 6

0x25, 0x14 12 6

0x26 18 6

0x15 24 6

0x16 36 6

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