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My 1st Incentive Flight


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The F-16 squadron I'm currently assigned to went TDY to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas for two weeks. I found out I was actually having my incentive flight ( riding back seater in F-16D model ) like two days prior and was extremely excited/nervous. Of course they bumped my ride a day early and my fellow Airman along with a couple of SSgt's didn't get in until 5am (it's vegas :beer: ) so I felt like crap but the ride was awesome. The Captain that flew the jet let me take control for a few mintues and filled me in on the HUDs and other devices in the cockpit. We flew over Yosimite National Park as well as Lake Tahoe and then circled back to Nellis the flight was 2.0 hrs to be exact. The weather was absolutly perfect and from what I heard beats any incentive flight at Shaw where I'm stationed. I'm putting in Nellis as a Base of preference on my dream sheet asap. Not a bad experience for an Airman with little less then a year under his belt and his 1st TDY. :)

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F16D is the latest two seater version of the Airforce's tactical strike fighter... THE most manouverable conventional fighter period. Only the next generation vector-thrust manouvering fighters can out pace it.


F16 is a smaller aircraft designed for a fighter/interceptor role and updated for strike/attack missions. A fast and nimble aircraft, the falcon can fulfiill both air superiority and strike attack roles.


Ideally those role would be assigned to either the A10 or F15, the F16 is capable in both. Currently the F-22 and JSF are being evaluated as possible replacements.


Thre are not too many aircraft that can pull in excess of 8 G's in a turn without compromising the air-frame or crew.

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