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Gasoline Price Check by Zip Code

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Marathon Ashland




Howell, MI 48855






Better talk to Dave about dropping that price
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My zip code says highest price $3.50 where?

My house $3.50 is more like the lowest.


$3.53 $3.70 $3.98 :boxing::angry:


It says the highest $4.04 hey I thought Mr. Bush capped it at $4.00? :rofl2:

He must hate these high gas prices :mrgreen:


where u from man, i thought NY was supposed to cost the most, you from Cali?
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Hard to believe gas was $1.88 here just a couple months ago.


BTW: " ConocoPhillips reported that during the third quarter of 2005 earnings from its U.S. refining and marketing operations amounted to 9 cents per gallon. This compares with a national average retail price of $2.60 per gallon during the third quarter, the period of highest gasoline prices in 2005."


Oil companies don't make much on gas, in fact, the government makes twice as much as they do, since there's an 18 cent federal tax per gallon.

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Talking about gas being $1.88 a gallon just a couple or so months ago, I was just talking about how is it that gas was back down below $2 a gallon so recently and now got up to over $3 a gallon for a little bit...if that's not fishy, nothing is...man we are just puppets aren't we with absolutely no control. Sure...stop driving...right and everyone can just stop going to work...whatever?! No there isn't a darn thing we can do short of invent a new mode of transportation. Stupid Bush makes a comment about how American's are addicted to gas....OK so GWB...what do you think we should use if not gasoline...huh? I know, we can ride our bikes 50 miles to work each way :thud: Maybe we can move close to work and live in the crime ridden inner city...sweeeeeeeeeet! :yucky:

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people from other part of the world would have suggested TAKE THE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, WHAT ARE THE BUSES AND SUBWAYS THERE FOR? again, US transportation isn't highly develop, not every corner of the country can be reached in public transportaion. Plus american's drove cars for very long time, very dependent upon it, no cars = no life.


The Oil Companies are making too much, GWB said he would do something about it, we'll see about it, at least till now i still see gas prices rising, its very annoying especially you live in suburb area of a BIG city. Everything is already expensive, now the gas prices. everything is bubbling like crazy...

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Doesn't make me feel any better, Brandon. We know the government rips us off, and now we see how much those oil companies follow the government lead.


I know, but everyone is blaming the oil companies for the price, but in reality, the government has more to do with ripping us off than the oil companies.


Good that you know, but I just figured there were those that didn't know the government rips us off more. :)

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i paid 2.98 yesterday.....thats actually down a penny from last week when i paid 2.99 at the same station. that is the first drop i have seen in ages!! :blink:

was just listening to wcbs radio (nyc) on the way home from work....they said prices should be dropping a bit in the weeks to come. :clap:


....sure hope their right. :shrug:

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Thanks for the link Oldgardener,


This will save me some money. There is a big price differential just a mile of so from my home. Like 40 cents a gallon.




I have not been watching it that close, and was not aware there was that much of a spread.



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