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Thanks. :)


This was in this issue of CounterSpy News.




Where is Version 2.0?


Several of you have asked this question recently. I went to the developers and listened to their current expectations. It's looking good. We are currently having beta code ready with the new engine for Win XP, Service Pack 2, and in a few weeks we'll have the other code ready for the older Windows versions. This new V2.0 has a few very powerful new features, it will include a scanner that at boot time will be able to get rid of "hard-to-remove" spyware, and will work on a much lower (better) level than before. It will take less memory to run as well. Yes, they told me it is taking a bit more time than expected (what else is new) but the results will be very much worth waiting for. Well, I'm counting on them doing it right the first time. I'd rather get solid code without bugs! I'll keep you in the loop on the progress.

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