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not sure if this has been suggested before, but....


one of the best things i have ever learned to do when installing a windows os (providing your hard drive is large enough) is to create a partition or 2, or 3, or more. having an extra partition or 2 is like having a separate hard drive for storing anything of importance.


keeping all of your photos, music, important files and anything else that might be irreplaceable on a separate partition may save you hours (even days...) of frustrating back-ups and recovery efforts.


when you need to reinstall (...using windows, the chances of getting a virus, worm, trojan or other nastie that will cripple your system and require a re-install are pretty high)....all your important stuff will be neatly tucked away on a safe, separate partition. you can reinstall windows on your "C" partition while keeping the other partitions intact without the need to backup everything onto cds/dvds/exteranal drives or whatever. .....makes the whole reinstall process alot less painfull.


of course this is not fullproof. if the drive should "fail", it will take all partitions along with it. i may be just lucky, but in seven years of computing, i have yet to have a drive "fail" on me. i cannot tell you how many times i have reinstalled in the past and not had to worry about backing up all that stuff. .....having partitions has saved me countless hours of :pullhair: .


this may sound complicated, but is really simple once you've done it:




i'm sure there are easier to follow guides out there....thats just the first one when i googled:





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I do the same thing JackeL & have been doing it for a long while. :mrgreen:


However, I still burn backups on CD-RWs every six months or so 'cause ya never know. :geezer:




Hawk :beer:

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I'm a big fan of partitions too. Some advantages:


1. First partition will take outer/leading/faster edge. Speed advantage.


2. You can put your system on a separate partition.


3. Partitions defrag faster because obviously they are smaller--in Window you only have to defrag whatever partition contains Windows


4.Quicker to do images of the drive's OS. Also solves the problem of image source cannot be the destination--just send it to a different partition.


5. My favorite: allows for multi-booting of different operating systems. Give Linux a try--you will like it.


6. Minor security advantage because Windows doesn't have to be on C where most hackers look.


Great read here: http://partition.radified.com/



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I used to be a partition maniac :) oh back in the 80's


I like them and disklike them at the same time.


First though, thanks for the education ... lol I've been messing with xp since it came out and never read that it didn't have to be installed on the C drive, I just assumed that because just about every prior version going back to DOS 1.0 or 1.1 of Microsofts stupendous er stupidness operating system had to be installed on C, unlike UNIX or other *nix flavors.


I like the idea of partitions but the only thing that bothers me is space considerations. I install a lot of programs to create a multi faceted development environment. Not every program that I install comes up with the 'where' do you want to install it and many have preset values to put things in C, which, I'm guessing could cause a little grief is Windows was not installed in C. I add to the list all of the time.


So if my partition is not large enough then I'm in a pickle, If I overestimate my partition size then I have wasted space.


Believe me when I say I've been clobbered with maladies in the last couple of years. From a few sneaky virus' that slipped past to hard drive failures , other anomolies and the necessary 'get rid of overwhelming registry bloat' reinstalls I've become quite adept at doing it and I must say that my new system is the easiest that I have ever dealth with.


I have a main drive that is 80 GB I have my programs and most of my immediate day to day data on it.


I have another drive 250 GB that that is bootable and on this drive I install the larger games, music and backups.


I use Norton Ghost and do a full backup the drive once per week. I don't select the create an exact image option because it works as well either way. If I get into trouble all I have to do is boot with the Norton CD and tell it to restore C drive. and in about 1:20 min everything; theOS, drivers, service packs, registry settings, installed programs, personalized tweaks and settings down to the exact icon placement is restored.


I was starting to get heavy into Windows unattended when I discoverd that Norton Ghost takes care of all of that. Setting up Windows unattended on my machine would have taken a long time. I have over 150 apps that I install from Maya, Photo shop, apache web server, mysql, PSP, HTML Kit and on and on and on and...


It couldn't be easier.


If I didn't have this option I would seriously be considering the partitioning.


Many regards,


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