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Dial=up Expert Needed

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Down load speed around 21kbps at best.


Up load is unlimeted.




Every where I have read says that your upload will always be slower then your download.....Then explain mine.


Is it that the lines in my area just have a download cap I wont beable to pass?

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Hi Shadow,


I've still got 56k dialup and have had the same problems you describe.

I have two possible solutions that together worked for me.

First, go to this site:




When you get there, look on the left-hand side and scroll down to TCP/IP

Analyzer. Access it and let it analyze your internet connection.

Then go back to the left-hand side and download TCP/IP Optimizer. Following

the recommendations of TCP/IP analyzer, optimize your dialup connection.


Second, the next time you run the full PitStop diagnostic scan, when you get to

the internet connection page, select 56k dialup, choose 56k uploads but for

downloads choose 33.6.


It worked for me, hope the info is helpful to you.


Happy Surfin',



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TCP/IP Analyzer: say's I have max optimization


TCP/IP Optimizer: will only see my 1394 and ethernet.




pit ping test: 200-230ms on all with drops to pit to 190ms and spikes to edu of 400+ms

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Hey Shadow,


I had that same problem, reopen the TCP/IP Optimizer.

On the upper left side you'll see a button for dialup.

Click on it and make any changes you want. I found that

although the analyzer said that 576mtu was optimal for me,

1500mtu was better. And the TCP receive window worked

better at the highest setting.

So, ya gotta work with it and find the settings that work

best for your system. Every system is different, and only

you can say what works best for you.


You can also try this site to download cablenut:




It also might be just what you need... Check-it-out!


Happy Surfin',



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Dial Ups are a quirky little beast that depend highly on having a clean phone line. Since most people live in an area serviced by jerks like Verizon, dont hope for too much as far as cooperation from these people to resolve your problems. or should I say, their problem. Namingly, their crappy lines.


Anyway, since the inception of "digital" modems the problems were only compounded because these types of modems are drastically effected by noise on the line. ( static, clicking, squeels and other noise) When you first connect you will hear through your PC speaker what is called a "Handshake" between your modem and the one at your ISP.


When you hear a long, drawn out handshake, there's a good bet you are not going to connect with any blazing speed because your modem and the one on the other end is searching for a speed it can use that is most tolerant to the noise level on your phone lines. The more noise, the slower your conection speed and in some cases, I have seen speeds as low as 19,200. Not exactly what you expect when you purchase a computer with a 56K modem.


Ah, but all is not lost in some cases. With several models of US Robotics modems, you can enter a line of instructions in the modem string and in many cases, it will convert your modem to an analog modem, which is not so likely to be effected by noise on your lines. You can locate where to add this string of commands by clicking on start, settings, control panel, then double click the modem icon, go to properties, connection, advanced and you will an empty elongated box saying "Extra Instructions."


In this box type "S32=66" (For some US Robotics Modems, not all) and then close the dialog box saving the commands. If it is going to work, you will see right away when you try to connect and the handshake is much shorter and your connection speed will increase if the string works for your particular modem. If it doesn't work, no harm done, just go back to the box you entered the string in and remove it. If it does work, wonderful.


Different modems use different instruction sets and you should check with your modem manufacturer to see if your model can be changed from digital to analog. Digital modems were created for one reason, to allow more users to access a particular connection at one time. No one ever said they were better or work best on our antiquated phone lines strung on poles or buried underground since before WWII.


I hope this has been helpful in some way as it worked for me several years before I got smart and purchased a high speed internet system using satellite links rather than phone lines. I get blazing speeds both up and down, but don't expect to do it for $9.95 per month. Mine cost me a whopping $59.95 per month for that speed, but for me, it is worth the extra cost. Happy Surfing!

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Not only noise cause's slow downs.


Digital switch's, bends in the line, distence between boosters, number of boosters between junctions, distence from junction, line quality, line size, bandwidth limets set by line provider.

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