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Although there is some overlap, each product is designed to do different things. Optimize is very specific in what it does: http://pcpitstop.com/faq/optimize.asp whereas System Mechanic is a little more generalized in its approach.


To my knowledge, there are no conflicts between the programs, so if you choose to run them both it should be fine.

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:help: i'm a bit lost too


i just bought pc pitstop after an msn recommendation, but pc energizer shows 61 errors left. which is right ?


Optimize only looks for very specific errors in very specific places so it is not unusual that other programs with a broader criteria will fund more.


Optimize is designed to look for very specific registry entries. Invalid

keys that are removed from the registry cleaning part of the application are

entries in the registry containing information about COM and ActiveX

objects. These objects are parts of programs and when you remove the

programs these keys sometimes still exist. Optimize safely removes these

keys if the COM object no longer exists. Areas of the register we look for

the invalid keys are:


Invalid Class IDs(CLSID)

Invalid Program Identifiers (ProgID)

Invalid Type Libraries (TypeLib)

Invalid Interfaces

The above paragraph is from here:





btw: the browsertune link only works up to the first section tests :nono:


Browsertune link??? :huh: Where is that?


Do you mean the one from Fred Langa?? http://www.browsertune.com/bt2kfast/

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Optimize was not designed to be a general PC tuneup utility. It is very specific in where it looks and what it fixes. It's primary goal is a faster computer and faster internet. It wasn't designed to search out windows configuration errors or as a deeep registry cleaner. There are four registry 'tweaks' that make a noticable difference in computer operation, and specific registry errors that will cause slowness. Other types of errors simply are not addressed because they will not make a noticeable difference in speed. Any product with a deep scanning registry cleaner will find errors that are ignored by Optimize as not being relevant to its goal.


There is more detailed information here: http://pcpitstop.com/faq/optimize.asp


Optimize comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. Any improvements Optimize makes to your system should be immediately noticeable, whether in general computing or Internet operation. It's not something that will get better over time. If you didn't see a difference right away, I doubt you will see one a week from now.

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:blink: well, i guess this is letting you know. sorry :(


i have to say this is the best run board and most user friendly! :clap:


now i just need the most picky picky picky automated mechanic i can find.

i remember how long it took me to find a problem with dell's bios code on a

486. the int 2 mouse code was popping off the stack and climbing the video mem.

i think that's happening here along with a glitch in the windows live toolbar! :unsure:

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