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84 bronco 2 carb which one too get?


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my mom and dad wanted me too ask.


which one is better orignal carberator 338$


or a holley carberator? 246$


which one will last longer and be the best?


the bronco got a 2.8 engine with air and auto trans.

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lou its for a bronco 2 2.8 engine.


and why is the orignal carberator more money?


that what we cant figure out?


oh and does this sound like its teh carb?


in the cooled it runs like garbage and it stinks smells like fluems.


and when you drive too the stop light or stop sign it trying too stall out and when you push the padal too go it sometimes stalls out or haves a hard time.


it drives good when you driveing with the pedal push but asoon you hit the pedal at the redlight or stop sign it trying too stall or stalls.

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If you are smelling raw gas from under the hood it could be a hole in the accelerator pump.


The accelerator pump is under a small square cover that has a lever and rod which are connected to the throtle linkage. Accelerator pump you can buy seperate from a carberator kit for less than $10.00 and relatively easy to replace.

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