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Computer won't start?


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When I get a computer that won't start up no matter what, I try the method explained here:


To isolate if its a CPU problem, consider removing

EVERY connector.


Only ATX power connector, keyboard & monitor. (3 connectors).

Just one stick of memory in the slot closest to the CPU (X58? use slot #2!!!), the CPU and HS/F, and of course video card.

Plug in the comp.

Using a screwdriver (or screw) momentarily short across the two pins that the front panel connector for (pwr on) normally would be connected to.


CPU fan should come up, then CMOS video.

Then (hopefully!), you can fiddle with CMOS/speed/temp/etc.


Still no joy?


If it won't come up in that configuration, adding anything else, like HD/CD/floppy, etc., just clouds the boot-up problem.


OK, then remove the power supply and motherboard from the case.

Just one stick of memory and the CPU.

Put them on your table and connect just the ATX power connector, keyboard & monitor.


Plug it in and tap the 'pwr on' pins with a screwdriver again.

Did you get anything up on screen?


With it laying on the table, and it still does not come up, then try a different power supply.

Then try different ram, and CPU if you can. This is the easiest way to narrow down bad hardware, of course it helps if you have some "spares" lying around to test.



I find this is the easiest way for me to figure out what my problem really is. Enjoy!!


Should really give credit where credit is due. This is originally from Milt over at the old K7S5A forums @ ezboard......Saved my bacon more than once... ;) Thanks Milt!!!

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Champ (more detail as requested)


Pushing the pwr on button is momentarily closing a switch (the pwr on one wire being connected to another wire) (a short) going to the end result.

Touching the two motherboard posts at the same time where the button plugs in would be closing the switch.


Wow, I lost track where I was, date wise.

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