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Best FREE Disk Defragmenter

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I didn't know that one was out there. I've used it before. I'm still using DiskeeperLite. I think there's still a free one somewhere.

I can use 2 now to pick up the little bits. ;)


:beer: :beer: :beer:


just ran a defrag with O&O and it picked up 2 frags that DkLite was missing. ;)

by the way http://freewarewiki.pbwiki.com/DiskeeperLite

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I am using windows XP and it seems that O & O wasn't designed for it so I am not sure if its safe to use it on Win Xp.

O&O Defrag 2000 Free is in fact safe for Windows XP. During the install you'll have the option of replacing the Windows Defragger, and/or setting it up as the default defragger in Windows. I usually leave the Windows defragger alone and I usually don't set O&O up as the default, don't know what kind of impact that'll have should I ever want to (heaven forbid) use the Windows defragger. O&O beats Diskeeper Lite in so many different ways.


Once installed, you'll want to go into Options and change the drop down to User Mode - Full Access, then answer Yes and Yes on the way out. That way you won't get pestered with prompts to save to the MMC every time you exit.



Oh, by the way, this should be in the User to User forum, I'll just move it on over there for you... ;) -kd5-

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Also needs mentioning that for second partitions, and second drives


Cut and Paste, is the cheapest, and most efficient. ;)


Yes folks it does work, and nothing needs to be run, installed or anything else.


Move the files, wehn finished, move them back, and you have effeciently and quickly defragmented the partition/drive. :tup:

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