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2 problems - I think pcpit virus scanner is flawed and yahoo forwardin

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I have 2 problems which may or may NOT be related.


----Problem one------


Whenever I go to Yahoo, search for an item, and then click on one of the search links I get fowarded to another non-yahoo search page, sometimes with an IP address of something like 82.xxx.xxxx or something. Interestingly if I open the search link in a new window, hit stop, then refresh, the new search page redirect won't work and I get the page I was looking for.


So I know something is wrong.


But I can't find the freakin thing. I ran a virus scan (McAfee) when it started happening and killed two viruses but since then it says I'm clean.


I updated and ran AdAware - nothing.


I ran HiJack This - nothing that I can see.


I ran Pcpitstop's full virus scan - nothing, except..... which leads us to problem 2....


---- Problem Two --------


I think Pcstop's virus scanner is flawed.


I ran the scan and it turned up "rebooter F" virus.


So I'm thinkin 'yes I found the thing from problem one!' But I got to thinking about it and why would something called a 'rebooter' be causeing a page redirect.


So I went to go look at the thing and it looks like a legit program, it even has a little icon, and according to the properties it was created in 2000 ?!? Is it possible to fake that ?


Well I decided to come here and ask for help. In the process of trying to remember what the heck my username was I came accross this thread I started YEARS ago...





Found these with PC Pitstops Virus Scan...


The Trj/StartPage.AY Virus was found in file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\odbc.hta

The Trj/Reboot.F Virus was found in file C:\HP\bin\Rebooter.exe



Now its the same computer, but I know I've reformatted since then.


I think this could be a legit program and the pcpitstop virus scanner is giving a false positive ?


Also there are ALOT of wierdo programs in there. I might need to do a screenshot !


Are they legit ? I don't know. But why would so many viruses (if thats what they are) be drawn to an HP folder that most other computers wouldn't even have ?

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