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Anyone using Peltiers?

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I have been looking at the high end water cooling systems and I dont see too much about peltiers. It seems like a pretty inexpencive way to get real cool.


Im building a watercooling system this week and was wondering if I should add a pelt. I usually rebuild my system monthly so im not too concerned with condensation especially cause I have good airflow in my case.


Any ideas? :sparkle:

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If you are really thinking about high end water systems you should really think about grabbing a Vapo or something. Highend water isnt cheap and you can prolly find a good used Vapo for about 400 that will do way better than any water setup. There are pros and cons to every setup but I am really happy with my vapo. I also have a Exos2 with maze 4 blocks for the video cards but I am not even using the water right now. I get about the same o/c on water as I do air it is only the temp that stays lower with the water. Now when I volt mod the cards I will put them under water because I will need the better cooling with more volts.




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I have used pelts in the past and they are a whole lot of work. You will need an extra power suppply to power the thing as cpu pelts take 226 watts to run one. And like sho says you will need to insulate you cpu socket also. I can be done, but I would used super chilled coolant before I used a pelt again. :)

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Hey markkleb, I personally think that pelts are great. Like Sho said, you will definitely need to use insulation to prevent condensation on any hardware. This doesn't have anything to do with air flow. It's simply the fact that at really cold temperatures the air in your case will condense to water on your hardware, which is of course very bad.


Here are the reasons why I personally prefer a pelt setup over phase, water-chill, etc. (I wrote this up a while back for another forum.)


1. You can cool both the CPU and video card with it. I have personally seen great performance gains with a TEC on my video card as well. However, a phase change unit can only be used on the CPU. (Very few people have gone to the expense and trouble of putting a phase change unit on their video card as well.) People with phase change units that also want to extreme cool their video card usually end up getting a TEC setup for the video card anyways.

2. It is more compact. A TEC setup can be placed completely inside a full-size ATX case so the computer is still portable. (It's definitely heavier but it's still portable.) A system with a phase change unit is usually not portable since it could be difficult and risky to try to move the computer and the phase change unit together.

3. It can save more power. For daily use you can turn off the TEC and still get good temps due to the water-cooling. I usually get 35C idle, 45C load on the CPU and 40C idle, 60C load on the video card when the TECs are both off. For daily use I usually leave them off. For gaming and benchmarking I turn them on and get -2C idle, 18 load on the CPU and -2C idle, 35C load on the video card. So leaving the Meanwell off most of the time is a good way to save on the electric bill. I don't think you can turn off a phase change unit while the computer is running.

4. It's cheaper. I believe a good phase change unit that will beat a TEC setup is at least $700. A good water-cooled TEC setup will probably run you about $450 ($50 CPU waterblock with TEC, $70 GPU waterblock with TEC, $80 radiator, $80 pump, $50 fans, $85 Meanwell PSU, $20 tubes and coolant, $15 reservoir). And remember that you would be cooling the video card as well for that price.

5. No coldbug. I could be wrong about this but I don't think anyone has had a cold bug problem with a TEC-setup. However, with a phase change unit some CPUs just don't want to boot.

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I have spent about a week designing and flow testing my aircooling system.

My comp runs stable all day at 2915mhz and my memory is running 1/1 2.5-3-3-7.

The reviews I have read show Water cooling close to good air cooling. So I was hoping for a little extra help. It looks to me Pelts were cool around 2000 2001, and now they are kind of "last years thing." I think they are a little too technical for the "average" computer guy so the kind of fell to the side.


Thanks Revivalist (and buy the way hope ur Easter was Great) for your insight. I ordered some of the stuff last week (and id like to know how to catch upto your score, lol).


And to you WebPolice time is something I got, lots of it.


Revivalist, Web and Sho you have always been very imformative and your opinions matter a lot to me.

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