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Windows shut down or restart


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Want a quick easy way to shut down windows without having to move your mouse to the Start Button, click on it, move it again over Shut Down, click, then move it over the necessary option and click, then move the cursor over the OK button and once again click.To shorten this process considerably, create a shortcut on your Desktop which will shut down Windows at the click of a button. Start by creating a new shortcut( right click and select New> Shortcut). Then in the command line box, type (without the quotes), you will want to type:


'C:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindowsexec'


This Shortcut on clicking will restart Windows immediately without any Warning. To create a Shortcut to shutting down Windows, type the following in the Command Line box:


'c:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows'


This Shortcut on clicking will shut down Windows immediately without any Warning.


Give it a try.


Good one. Did that and was told that the command line could not be found. have you (or I) missed a step here?
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