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Graphics Card Overheating


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I've had my system for about 18 months now and it's been running fine. Recently however, my graphics card (X800 XT PE) has been reaching dangerously high temperatures of about 100 degrees when I'm playing certain games like Far Cry or Tomb Raider Legend.


Usually it runs at about 80 and I've never had this problem before - but now it will just start beeping saying ''your card is at a dangerous temperature blah blah blah, lowering your cards clock speed...'' but I always end up having to exit the game I'm playing just to let it cool down.


I've tried underclocking my card aswell but that still didn't help. I'll check the case for dust now (but I cleaned it just after Christmas), and if it's not that then all I can think of is a faulty fan or something getting in the way of air flow.


While I do this, is there anything else anyone could think of that could be causing this excessive heat?

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leave the side of the case off, see if it stops running hot...poor air flow thru the case, check the fan on the vid card while playing a game to see if it's still running, or if it quits

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