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What are you listening to?

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Doofus, I listened to some of the music on your site. It is most definitely funky. :tup:


Thanks Brandon.


Its coming along slowly. Still have a lot to learn, but with most things the more you do it the better you get.



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I use Fruityloops studio to make the beats and whatnots and Adobe Audition to mix it all together. The hard part is ripping parts from off cd's and creating loops, as well as downloading and going thru thousands of samples to find that perfect one to fit the song. That takes a long time as it always inevitably requires editing. Once its looped perfect tho its juist a matter of laying the tracks down and adding all the effects long the way. I enjoy it and i get a lot of satisfaction from doing it as well. I also use a lot of VST plugins (tho mosty from the waves collection) and i think they wont work on Linux. The last time i mentioned it to Bruce ages ago he said he was gonna look into it. But life got in the way and i didnt post on here for ages.



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Oh right


I guess Linux got its :filtered: into gear, as that was always a bug bear for me. Same as gaming really. I have to always boot up into windows to either game or mess with my music stuff. Nice to know half of my bug bear is done and dusted :)



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