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Los Angeles, CA, USA @ The Jello Loft - 09/05/1991


Source: Soundboard --- Analog Soundboard > Cassette-3> CDR

Courtesy of: onebear + http://www.collectiveunconscious.org/


Notes - SBD:

I know torrenting this is not going to make me very popular with certain collectors + tapers however this is an excellent performance, capture & feel of Tool from their most potent-era it would be a shame if this did not get out. So, here it is. I sincerely request people do not resort to using this to sell on eBay or anything like that. We will catch you if you do. Furthermore, you can be *damn* sure nothing like this will ever pop up again if someone mis-uses this in anyway for gain/profit. The folks at CU.org eBay forum "eBay unit" (http://theunconscious.proboards52.com/index.cgi?board=ebay) will jump on any attempt(s) asap. Do not SELL. Do not convert this to anything but WAV. Do not think this is a "hoarder" or "elitist" plot for anything as not only is that an ignorant paradigm it is also stupid. Just enjoy this recording & treat it with respect.


Notes - Date:

There appears to be asmall disagreement between dates; one person feels strongly that this is from Sept 15, 1991. However, this commonly goes along as 09/05/1991 so until *valid* proof is presented, this date will remain.


NOTES - Show (the following notes are from http://www.collectiveunconscious.org/91jello0905.html; an Easter Egg so to speak from the site) - although this probably spoils part of the fun:

This is the earliest known recording of Tool sans the demo tape. Time listed on site is the most common of the cassette>cd transfers out there. Anyway, certain people do have this recording and I have a good suspicion that this may make it out in some capacity as some people have given this to their friends, which is a cool thing to do. Although, some of these same people claim to be altruistic and saints - think we all know that people that proclaim to be something are most likely the opposite. Agreed? The vocals are very high in this mix, the bass is low, the guitar is low and the drums are present but not overpowering. Not like MJK's voice is. Whew. Even while living in an apartment in California working at a "Hell's Pizza" place (am I kidding? No.) you can hear, with this indisputable proof, the power of his voice. It will blow you away. This is the earliest known recording of Tool - ever. Although I am sure that somewhere there are even older shows ;o) As it is, this SBD recording has a little bit of high-frequency tape hiss that coats the show and due to the couple generations (and years) it took to get this on CD in some capacity, there is some tape hiss. This is hardly an issue though is it? As a note, I have encountered at least two other tape>CD transfers other than my transfer. That said, if you run across a CD copy of this show your CD time may vary from someone else's slightly. However, all transfers are incomplete and have the exact same setlist and flaws. Enjoy them.


Maynardism:: "There's a celebrity here tonight, one of the banditos d'amour from the Rollins stage presentation is here, one Ken Butler, who will be signing autographs by the concession stand so line up please, one at a time. We're still not very professional so don't expect all that much. So, how did the MTV Awards go? Losers."

Maynardism: "Last beer for you, Buddy."







Cold & Ugly



Crawl Away



(tape switch)



(cut at beginning)


(missing completely)





(performed - working lyrics)


Two days & I've been Baptized in

Your voice it speaks from deep beneath the endless water

It's twice as clear as heaven, twice as loud as reason

Cold and deep like silt on a riverbed

Just as never ending

Opens up around me it just beckons oh

I'll swallow it, surrounds and drowns and wash me away.


Shut up. Shut up now.


Want you to be me, just enough to get inside me not enough to kill my mind,

Just enough to be on my side now.


Three days & I've been knocked down by your voice.

It screams, from deep, beneath the raging water

It's half as clear as heaven, half as clear as reason

Cold and deep like silt on a river bed just as un-disturbing.

The current smiles below me, opens up around me - it just beckons

Oh I'll swallow it, surrounds and drown and wash me away.


Shut up, shut up now.


Want you to be on my side, she's the one who gets in my face for

She's the one who wanted me, not enough to get on my side,

Hear you say, drown, she didn't mind

Turn the other way!


You fall in-uh, you fall in-uh, you fall in-uh, you fall in-uh.


Right back down, I'm in the Undertow, I'm helpless and I'm

Way down beneath the Undertow - there's nothing that I can say,

I'm in your Undertow, there doesn't seem no other way,

I'm I'll drown in your Undertow.


You, fall, with her.

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David Bowie - Rebel Rebel .. B)


Aaron, D-Side played at my old high school .. Now that was funny as hell ..


Ya know .. D-Side .. You must do? .. No .. Ahh, ok ... :P

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