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What are you listening to?

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(If I open my front door) I also hear frogs :shifty:


yes my girl is gone out of town (VA)


And im bored as hell :rofl2::pullhair:


Yea, back home I live near swampland. I know all about those noisy spring peepers. Sooths ya to sleep pretty well though. :)

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1993 berlin

1993 molson park canada

1994 san fran

1996 12-17 vegas


1998 kalamazoo michigan

8-18-98 las vegas shn

7-19-2002 las vegas shn

4-30-06 empire polo feilds

2006 6-27 amsterdam

5-24-2001 tilburg holland

11-16-2002 cox convention center


8-27-2006 george washington

5-8-2006 mc farlin dallas texas

5-2-2006 seattle wash

1995 ? d'amour studio cassette live from recording durring making of album

9-18-2006 rosemont ill allstate arena


Auditorium Theatre


Shoreline Amphitheater

Mountain View, CA



just about all this :P

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