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Whippoorwill's singing

Soft summer breeze

Makes me think of my baby

I left down in New Orleans

I left down in New Orleans

Magnolia, you sweet thing

You're driving me mad




(I like JJ Cale's version of this too but Poco's harmony is delish) :mrgreen:

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Lil Wayne - Georgia Bush


So what happened to the levees, why wasn't they steady

Why wasn't they able to control this?

I know some folk that live by the levee

that keep on tellin me they heard the explosions

Same :filtered: happened back in Hurricane Betsy

1965, I ain't too young to know this

That was President Johnson

but now it's president (Geeoorrggiiaa) Bush

A little gem I found on my recently acquired mixtape...

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live bootleg TOOL amsterdam 6-27-2006



Artist: Tool

Title: Live in Heineken Music Hall Jun-27-2006

Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal

Year: 2006

Source: Concert

Encoder: Lame 3.90.3

Quality: 224 kbps / 44.1Khz / Joint-Stereo




1. Tool - Lost Keys (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (3:36)

2. Tool - Rosetta Stoned (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (12:12)

3. Tool - Stinkfist (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (6:12)

4. Tool - Forty Six & 2 (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (7:53)

5. Tool - Jambi (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (7:44)

6. Tool - Schism (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (8:25)

7. Tool - Right In Two (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (9:59)

8. Tool - Sober (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (8:43)

9. Tool - Lateralus (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (12:04)

10. Tool - Vicarious (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (10:51)

11. Tool - Ænema (Live In Amsterdam 2006/06/27) (8:39)

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November 11, 1994

The Warfield | San Francisco, CA

Winter '94 Western U.S. Tour


Source info not avaliable








Swamp Song




Prison Sex

Cold and Ugly




No Quarter - (Led Zeppelin Cover)


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Farmer Boys - Like a Dart in Your Face


Gay name, great metal band... instrumentally they are one of the heaviest bands I have heard and vocally they are very melodic. Their style is somewhat similar to In Flames, in how they integrate the heavy and melodic elements. They achieved pretty good success in Germany and were going to make it internationally like Rammstein but they disbanded before they could do it... unlike rammstein they have only english lyrics.

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