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Hi Guys


I've found a new website which operates in the UK, Computer Warehouse. I don't know about anything else but their graphics cards, especially high spec gaming graphics cards are really cheap.


C Warehouse is based in Manchester but I bought my Sapphire HD 3850 Ultimate Graphics Card form them online and they delivered it for the next working day. Give it some time and I think this is going to be a really good site for buying pc gaming stuff. Check it out at http://www.pc-warehouseuk.com/ or go straight to ther Graphics Cards page http://www.pc-warehouseuk.com/menu_graphicscards.html.

Their homepage loads abit slow.


Computer Warehouse also has a gaming pc with a Q6600 processor in it. I was just wondering, is this processor good? i've heard that it overheats.



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Hey I'm not sure if you've got these ones on here yet


Tekfix: Laptops and Computer Parts on their online store that has free shipping. :) :)

Gamedude: Cheap Parts but really bad service.

The Disc Shop: In between cheap and expensive Parts for most of there range. really good discs thou.


There all Australian, and based in QLD!



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For those of us in the U.S., I see a great list of retailers here :clap: If your going to make purchases and have never delt with any retailers listed, you can check out how they rate as a dependable business here



be a wise shopper and avoid the rip-offs that are here today and gone tomorrow :cr@sh:

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Glad to see NCIX get posted, known them for many years and they are good people. Might want to add their US store too: http://www.ncixus.com/


And just a selfish post, my two software stores:











Are you still affiliated with them X_C??






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Are you still affiliated with them X_C??







Who NCIX, yes if thats what you meant. We have been friends for over 10 years. :)


Was there something you needed from them?

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