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PC Erase vs Flash Player

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Might be coincidence but...


I use to be able to sucessfully download and execute Flash Player when visiting web-sites that required it, at least before I installed PC Erase.


Now, something doesn't work right. I go to my cousin's web-site, the page says I need to install flash player, I click on the icon that links me to the adobe web-site, download flash player, that page says download is sucessful, but when I go back to my cousin's web-site or the Playhouse Disney site they say that I still need to install flash player.


How do I check to see what is going "wrong"... :unsure:





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Hi Moose.


Welcome to the Pit. :)


I think you are confusing Java with Flash Player. Java is by Sun Microsystems & Flash Player is by Macromedia. The links are for the "Stand alone" setups.


Not sure why PC Erase is causing the problem. ;)




Hawk :beer:

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Boy, are you lucky I just had this happen to me. It's not related to any PC Pitstop thing, there's something that Macromedia recently did. I went to YouTube and it said I needed Flash, but when I went to the install page it said Flash was installed and working!


Here's a thread with some discussion about the problem, scroll to the bottom to see it:



I found this thread after I did it the hard way. I had to find all the registry entries and files, then change the permissions to allow me to delete them. I hope that thread above has enough information for you to fix the problem, there's no way I could walk someone through what I did!

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Guest gdmcmurrain

From what I have been experiencing is that a pop up blocker will keep you from downloading the macromedia flash player, but look out there appears to be a reason...I have been having the same kind of difficulty with downloading the macromedia flash player, it says I need to download it then I do and then nothing. So I dis-abled the Norton pop up blocker wich was the one keeping it from functioning, there was a reason it seems...the moment I allowed my shields down to download the macronedia flash player from adobe.com itself I found afterwards that I had picked up some unwanted guests, a masked file that was a root kit..danger will robison..it took the pop up blocker enabled and pc pitstop, and webroot's spysweeper to find it and quarintine the thing. last time out that happened I was using a beta windows xp professional x64 bit platform and it devoured the run dll's and the win32.dll. It seems to say it is a com surrugate object and then it injects code into ither processes and applications. It's process seems to be identified by the task master as something that starts with Umxumx,,,...etc etc. It develops in several places, where ever it injects code into. Then it takes over that process untill finally you have no platform at all. Where is this coming from? I don't know yet...but I urge caution when fiddling with the what seems to be pop ups to download the flash players, they aren't what they seem to be. Check and re-check if you are being re-directed when attempting to download. This com object weakness in windows is a hazard for us all. It was discovered not too long ago by some one else that a com object weakness was apparrent in windows 32 and 64 bit platforms. It slices and dices code into your software. Then kapput. It is all over the internet from what I am seeing. Stealth surfing is a must.


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