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windows firewall troubles


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Ive done a full system scan and actually found a rootkit(ty SOE). Ive removed it but i believe it has messed with my firewall settings or something else.


When i click on the firewall it says "due to an unidentified problem, windows cannot display windows firewall settings"


What i actually want to do is shut it down because i have my own firewall and i cant do a PC pitstop test because it stop me from doing the upload test.


I can find windows security center in admin tools but i dont see how to disable the firewall. if i disable the security center windows firewall still runs.


Any one know of a way to disable it?


PS How i found out about the root kit was i couldnt make a SYS folder and all the anti spyware scans i had didnt find it but windows defender did :clap:

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Hey it worked! Well kinda, it was suppose to fix the firewall but it didnt. However it DID shut the firewall down.

When trying to follow the direction in the cmd prompt it said the firewall was restarted ok. But when i went into the firewall settings now it just says it cant start the firewall.



Which is fine because its what i wanted in the first place. Im thinking the rootkit changed the firewall settings so it can access the net but then blocked any one from changing the settings.




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