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Hey Miggsy Man!


I hear your going Conroe Quad Core!!!


Can I have some money please!!!!


Did you say Conroe Quad Core, hm... :laughing::P... Your joking aren't you, I don't have nearly that much of $$$.. You know the Miggsy Charity always accepts some funds, donations and stuff right lol.. :rofl2: ...


How much money you want, here take some $$$$$$$$$$$ :lol: ...


Take care bro :P:adios:

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hi ya guys,


i'm new to this forum. after running on a nasty sempron 3400+ for the last 3 years, so i went out and i brought a new rig last month. it's a baby.


E6600 2.4 zalman 9500 cooled running at 3.6GHz, yes thats right 3.6 and it's temp is 32-37 degrees under stress.

it's on a GigaByte 965p-ds3 rev3 MoBo

went for the Sapphire 2900 XT card, (only1 couldn't afford 2, :blink: )

2x1Gb kingston HyperX 800MHz

36Gb western digital raptor 10,000rpm for Op & programs (air cooled)

and a 120Gb Maxtor ide hdd for storage of music movies etc.

700watt psu

all banged up in a Jeantech AQUA gaming case with 4 extra fans just to keep the bugger cool!!!

and a 20Mb cable internet connection!!!! ch'ching low ping

just ran the test so i thought i'd post my results up, straight into the 4000+ club






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